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Canopen Education Services Foundation (CESF) was founded in 1993 with the initial aim of guiding children and youth to express emotional and socio-economic issues they were going through using creative writing.

Through their writing, parents, teachers and community members were able to understand the children and youth better in order to guide them to come up with solutions to the issues that they faced.

As the years went by, CESF grew to include provision of training on Non-Violent Communication as well as training women and young adult gemstone miners to add value to their gemstones by Polishing and faceting.

We believe that all Women, Youth and Children can discorver who they are, determine their future and make a difference in the world 

Our Mission

To Promote emotional, social and economic development of the youth, women, family and communities

Our Vision

To identify the attitudes, language and entrepreneurial skills lacking in children, youth and women; which hinder them from leading fulfilled lives emotionally, socially and economically. To endeavor to fill the gaps identified through training, monitoring, and evaluating social and economic development projects developed by those who undertake the training.

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Our Mission
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