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Creative Activities 

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Creative Writing Activities

Children and youth are guided on how to utilise the writing of poems and short stories to empower them articulate any issues they may be facing.


This enables their parents, teachers and community members to gain a better understanding of challenges young people might  be facing and ways of resolving them so that everyone can work together towards a lasting solution.

Children and youth are facilitated to engage in diverse creative activities such as story and poem writing, reading stories and reciting poems, dramatizing story lines and participating in mentally stimulating games.


The activities are aimed at taking the participants beyond acquisition of skills solely for passing examinations.

They acquire skills which enable them to respond to varied issues and experiences they face in a broader and deeper proactive way.

Their self esteem is boosted in a fulfilling manner and consequently the young people become:-

  • Emotionally balanced and well adjusted socially

  • They embrace positive values in day to day activities

  • They become accountable to themselves, to their immediate family members, their communities and the wider society.

  • They become well focused in their goals and participate effectively in their education, social or economic activities

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