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Promotion of Language of Peace


Through empathy, dialogue and role play, children, youth and parents are trained on how to develop attitudes and skills of communication which facilitate them to resolve their challenges peacefully for the promotion of peaceful co-existence in homes, schools and communities.

Youth and women are guided on how to identify issues and experiences which negatively affect their;-

  • Interaction with self

  • Family members

  • Their associates at school, neighborhood, communities and the society at large.

  • Through the process of compassionate sharing they are guided on how to come to terms with their experiences and related hurting feelings

  • They become at ease with themselves and their different associates

  • Their communication becomes peaceful

  • They are able to resolve issues and conflicts with their associates peacefully

  • Women have reported that their interaction with their children, spouses, and work place has improved

  • Their economic activities have become vibrant.

  • Youth have reported that their relationships with parents, siblings and peers have improved

  • Their educational or economic activities have also been boosted.

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